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Remote Pairing

With the industry moving towards a more distributed workforce, theres been a growing number of engineers who practice remote pair programming. Below is a list of some tools you can make use of to improve your experience.

Screen Sharing Tools


Zoom works quite well as a screen sharing tool. You can opt to allow the other person on the call to remote control your machine, making it really easy to pair. Annotations are a bonus.


Tuple is an application built specifically for remore pair programming. It's designed to be super easy to use and super quick.

Editor Tools

Atom Teletype

Github's Atom ships with Teletype, a feature for remotey sharing your editor window with another Atom user. Teletype uses WebRTC to encrypt all communications.

Visual Studio Code

Not quite as out the box as Atom, VS Code provides the Live Share extension, that you'll have to install it yourself. It works the same as Teletype.